Why Should I Get a Welding Degree?

The Many Benefits Of Having A Degree in Welding

There are many reasons a person should get a welding degree. There are many different industries desperate for the services of someone with a professional welding education.

welding degree

Worldwide Travel Opportunities
Individuals with a welding degree soon learn their profession is in demand around the world. Welding is done everywhere from the bottom of the ocean to vehicles destined for space travel. Welders are often offered opportunities to travel. These traveling jobs are popular because of their high rate of pay. Many experienced welders consider this a great way to see the world.

Military Assistance
All branches of the military need welders. Doing this type of work could involve everything from building infrastructure at a military installation to repairing military equipment. A welder could be called upon to do everything from building a pipeline to repair various military vehicles.

Motor Sports
When watching NASCAR, it’s important to realize that most racing teams hire welders to be part of their pit crews. A welder’s skills are necessary since everything associated with racing is custom made with metal. A welder is important since most race cars are custom built. A lot of metal fabrication and welding takes place before any professional race car is finished.

Pipe Line Installation
Pipes are used in many different situations above ground as well as below it. Pipes are constantly being installed or repaired. This type of work could be done locally or take place in an exotic location. Many companies will pay to have a welder on location as well as pay for their transportation during holidays and vacations.

Ship Building and Repair
The shipping industry has a huge need for people with welding skills. Shipyards employ large numbers of welders who work as independent contractors. A welder at a shipyard could work on a number of different types of vessels. This could include anything from scientific ships to military vessels and more. The length of a job could last from weeks to years depending on the scope of the project. It’s possible for a welder to travel around the world building and repairing ships.

Green Career
Green energy is growing and expanding. Welders will be part of this trend since it requires many things made of metal. It won’t matter what energy is developed in the future. A welder will be required to move it from concept to working model.

Always In Demand
Welding is a career that is in demand no matter what the economic situation. Welding is important to every industry around the world. This is a very flexible career. A welder can work for different industries without changing their career path. There are endless opportunities for people with a welding degree. Welding work has no geographic limitations.

A welder has an opportunity to earn as much money as an accountant or lawyer. It is not uncommon for an educated welder with experience to have earnings in excess of $100,000 a year. A traveling industrial pipe welder can earn over $185,000 a year. A military support welder can earn over $200,000 a year, if they’re willing to travel to where they’re needed.

Welding Degree
Precision Manufacturing Institute is based in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Approximately 90 percent of their welding program graduates obtain employment months before they finish. All of these high earnings and career opportunities can be easily experienced by someone with a welding degree.