What to Know about Spring Enrollment

Enrolling in the Spring?

For a while now you have been contemplating going back school but the fall semester has come and gone; what now? Contrary to popular belief you can start your educational journey in the spring. Yes, classes for the spring semester do fill up early, but that gives you even more reason to move quickly.
Industrial and Technical schools do offer early registration in both the fall and spring semester.

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Things to Know

  • What if some of the classes I need are only offered in the fall semester? – Believe it or not, classes generally offered in the fall semester are offered in the spring as well. So do not be dismayed, you will not be behind but right on time with a schedule fit specifically for you.
  • I do not have the money – Although FAFSA prefers students complete their application by Dec. 1 for the spring semester; they do have an extended deadline of April 1. In addition, do not forget to visit the school’s Financial Aid Office to explore scholarship opportunities.
  • Not sure if I can handle a longer semester – Very funny! Ok, so there is no Thanksgiving, Christmas, and various other breaks, but just when you need it there is a weeklong spring break. Go on a trip or lounge around at home, either way you will not be in class.

Never put a hold on your dreams. The best time is now to look into the programs at that Industrial School or Technical School that will help propel you into fulfilling your destiny. As you can see from above the only thing holding you back is you! Don’t be afraid and speak with an admissions counselor today!