What is a Mechatronic Engineer?

Mechatronic Engineer

Mechatronic Engineers are highly skilled and needed in many industries including: manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil and gas, and transportation and logistics. Each of these fields are rapidly growing as technology is advancing every day.

Mechatronic Engineer

A mechatronic engineer, also known as an automation technician or an electro-mechanical technician, combines the skills of those needed in the field’s mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Mechatronic engineers work closely with mechanical and electrical engineers and can gain some of the same specialized skills that these skilled professionals possess. The mechatronic industry is vast and applies to many disciplines. For instance, in the healthcare industry robotics has become commonplace, as machines are now not only able to clean and disinfect hospitals and other healthcare facilities, but also telesurgery is becoming more mainstream. Telesurgery is remote surgery in which a surgeon performs a surgery in another location from the patient using a robotic surgical system. The manufacturing process that creates these highly efficient and technical systems use the skills of mechatronic engineers.

Mechatronic Engineering

In addition, mechatronic engineers are needed in other industries that create complex products that can be remotely controlled by machines. Mechatronic engineers can monitor, repair, and design these systems, which requires vast technical skill and knowledge.

Job Outlook

The job outlook is promising for mechatronic engineers, as they require specialized skills that are hard to come by. Typically entry level mechatronic engineers earn approximately $50,000 per year. As further skills and experience is obtained this figure can be increased.


Having a degree in mechatronic engineering can allow you to enter this growing field with no prior experience. Your classroom and hands-on training will provide you with the needed skills to enter this lucrative industry.

Precision Manufacturing Institute offers a degree program for mechatronic engineers taught by those with 30+ years of experience in the industry. The hands-on training includes working in training labs with various systems including: robotics systems and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. In addition, students will learn to read blueprints, troubleshoot different systems, and work with robotics operations and programming.

If you are interested in a long term career that is constantly changing, consider a career as a mechatronic engineer.