The Benefits of Continuing Education in the Manufacturing Industry

Continuing Your Education in the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s companies in the manufacturing and technical fields face many challenges: an increasingly competitive global economy, rapid changes in technology, and the number of workers equipped with the necessary technical skills to fulfill the requirements in a demanding, ever-changing field.

Manufacturing Industry

Those currently employed in the manufacturing industry must compete with a host of technical school graduates looking for jobs, as well as maintaining the skills necessary to not only ensure success in their current manufacturing or technical jobs, but to advance further in their career.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of continuing education. Many employers are investing in employee development in the form of technical school programs. The advantages of employers investing in continuing education were outlined in a 2010 report by Tim Lohrentz of the National Network of Sector Partners, encompassing two decades of private industry and academic research. The benefits cited were as follows:

  • Increased productivity in current employees
  • Reduced rate of overall absences
  • Increased quality of work and/or service
  • Increased rate of retention
  • Increased ability to take advantage of innovation

As any employer knows, innovation in the manufacturing and technical fields is essential to stay competitive, not only in the American market, but from overseas competition. Fortunately, technical and trade schools have responded to the need for continuing education in the manufacturing industry by providing programs that are designed for those currently employed in the manufacturing and technical industry. These programs are designed to enhance current skill sets as well as keeping workers up-to-date on developing technology in the industry.

Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI), one of Pennsylvania’s leading manufacturing and technical schools, understands the need for continuing education in today’s manufacturing industry and has a wide range of short-term programs designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals currently employed in manufacturing jobs.

PMI strives to provide manufacturing employees with the best possible opportunities to advance their skills, with a wide variety of programs that are designed to meet the needs of any individual in the manufacturing or technical industry. PMI can also customize training programs to meet the specific needs of individuals working in manufacturing. Day and evening classes are offered to make it more convenient to pursue a continuing education and stay current in today’s competitive marketplace.

Taking advantage of a continuing education in the manufacturing and technical industry provides many benefits to both employees and employers. Many employers offer tuition assistance or training reimbursement programs, depending on your place of employment, pursuing the subject of continuing education with your current employer will provide many long-term benefits to both employer and employee.

Contact PMI today for more information on their continuing education programs in manufacturing for a tour of their facility, or to learn more about the courses they offer and how they can benefit you.