Take a Peek into Welding

Welding Career

Recently it was announced that the employment rate has gone up. That is good news but there are still many individuals who are looking for a viable job. Perhaps you are one of the people who are working two jobs and still find yourself scrapping by. If this is you, have you given any thought to a new career? The industrial industry is a market that continues to grow and provide jobs that allow you to not just pay your bills but also have a life. Now some may fear switching careers will be a hassle and the training will take too long. Fortunately, a welding career offers a newcomer a short welding training program. In addition, a career in welding offers travel opportunities, job variety, and ample open positions.

    • Training – Typically welding training can take up to a minimum of seven months. Upon earning a welding certification the transition to securing a job is usually quick. Of course, there are opportunities to garner more training and certifications in specialties such as welding inspection. As an entry level welder, you can expect to earn a median annual salary close to $40k.

Welding Technician

  • Job Variety – As a welder the opportunities to work on different projects in a variety of locations is endless. If you have a penchant for the open seas you might consider working offshore on an oil rig. Working on an oil rig also offers a bit more flexibility to travel on your private time while also providing a plethora of perks not offered in other job sectors. Other job sectors, where welders are in high need, include construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. Overtime is often available which can also enhance your total earning potential.

So if you are determined, disciplined, focused, and a hard worker than a career in welding may be for you. Contact PMI today to discuss your options.