PMI Leader’s Duties Create Job Growth in Our Region

PMI Leaders

As the Chairman of the Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI) and President of the Rosedale Institute, Dennis Wilke spends much of his time talking to students and parents about the benefits of a trade-based, post-high school education. Trade schools are helping to drive our country’s economy and are especially important as Marcellus Shale Energy jobs begin to grow.

Leaders in Trade School Education
Both PMI and Rosedale are dedicated to preparing students for employment in HVAC, diesel, automotive, electrical and manufacturing fields. Besides talking to prospective students, Mr. Wilke also looks for talented instructors to teach students at both schools to ensure that they will have the necessary skills needed to thrive in their work environment.
But that’s not all that he does. He also is in touch, on a daily basis, with employers and industry leaders that are looking for trained, knowledgeable graduates that they can hire and who can make an impact on their first day. He looks for feedback from these companies, too, to make sure that all Rosedale and PMI students have been taught the skills they need to enter the trades workforce.

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“Delegation is Key”
With so many job-related duties to perform, Mr. Wilke has learned that’s important to assign employees tasks to help with so many trade school obligations. He says, “The biggest thing I’ve had to overcome is learning how to delegate. I’ve always been one to try to do everything by myself and am naturally slow to trust others. Lack of delegation caused me to be far too tactical and not nearly strategic enough. Learning how to let go and empower my employees to act has given me the freedom to be a leader and not just a manager.”
With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors, both Rosedale and PMI are among the best trade schools in western Pennsylvania. Learn more today by contacting them.