Partnerships with the Precision Manufacturing Institute

Becoming a Partner with PMI

The Precision Manufacturing Institute, a school that is based in Meadville, PA, has always striven for the highest standards from itself and the students that learn there. Students from PMI have had access to some of the greatest opportunities for young people in the area. They have developed close partnerships with community colleges and two year institutions throughout the state.

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Some of the institutions that partner with Precision Manufacturing are Edinboro University and Clarion University. With dual programs out of Precision Manufacturing and those institutions, students get a wider, more enriching education. They can learn all they need to know about manufacturing while getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited school.

One of those degrees is the Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences and Industrial Technologies. This degree is offered as a joint venture by Precision Manufacturing and Clarion University’s Venango College. Students have to split their time between Meadville and Oil City.

All the technical classes are taken at PMI’s Technical School, with these classes making up as many as 30 educational credits towards their Associate’s Degree at Clarion. This technical training can be completed in a number of ways. For example, some students will finish up their Clarion classes before getting the technical work started. Others will do both simultaneously, while the option of completing technical training before studying at Clarion is also available.

Students who graduate from these programs go on to get some of the best jobs in the area. Their degrees equip them with both the technical and abstract knowledge needed to succeed in today’s job market. Instead of developing students who only learn at a Technical School, these programs encourage a broadening of ideas and scope.

Another partnership program exists between PMI and Pennsylvania’s Edinboro University. Students have a chance to get their Associate’s degree in Applied Technology when they complete course work at Edinboro and study at the Technical School at PMI.

As an institution that is always looking to grow and serve its students, PMI is always on the look out for more partnerships. The success of the current arrangements mean that more colleges have come forward to offer dual programs for students who want to go to Technical School and receive their associate’s or bachelor’s degree.