Modern Factory Floor Careers

Factory Floor Careers

If you are looking for a highly skilled technical career in the manufacturing industry, consider becoming a CNC machinist. CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers to the control of machines on factory floors by way of computer. CNC machinists are needed to program, operate, and maintain computer operated machines. There are a few types of CNC machines, such as mills, lathes, and grinders. These machines are able to complete different types of work with precision unmatched by manual operation. Because of this computer controlled machines are widely popular with large manufacturing companies such as GE, Nesco, Aerotech, and Boeing.

Benefits of CNC Machines

While machines do need an operator to program, having the presence of computer run machines eliminates the need for workers to do certain, often dangerous tasks by hand. In addition, the work produced by the machines is more precise and detailed. This is important when producing parts that need to be without flaws, such as those for jetliners or other specialized aircraft.

Factory Floor Workers

How to Become a CNC Machinist

While becoming a CNC machinist only takes a high school diploma, those most in demand machinists will possess specialized CNC training and certification, such as that offered by PMI. Companies have been known to hire those with experience operating CNC machines over workers without experience.

PMI offers a program that allows you to learn and get familiar with all the basics needed to be successful in a CNC machinist career, including hands-on experience working with mills, lathes, and 3-D printing machines.

Type of Work CNC Machinist’s Perform

CNC Machinist’s perform a variety of different tasks including: setting up and operating program commands into a machine, reviewing CAD drawings, and calculating and setting controls of the machines for specific speeds and cuts.

Job Outlook and Pay

The job outlook is positive for those entering the CNC machinist careers. As many workers retire from this field, a new influx of machinists are needed to fill the gap. Pay for a CNC machinist in the Pittsburgh area ranges between $19-$27 per hour.

Contact PMI today to learn how our training program can help you gain skills you need for a high paying, specialized career as a CNC machinist.