Made in America?

Get Ahead with Precision Manufacturing Institute

In an uncertain economy, education in manufacturing business and technical skills cannot be overstated. PMI, based out of Meadville, PA, is a manufacturing technical school that offers customized training in manufacturing business skills such as technical theory, machining, CAD/CAM software, mechatronics, welding, safety, and leadership. PMI also offers resources to teach you how to ensure that your employees receive proper on-the-job-training, critical job training grants, support and consulting through the NWIRC, and guaranteed free training through WEDnetPA. Your manufacturing business will grow and develop as you learn more leadership training. The average tenure for a CEO of a manufacturing business is only 4.6 years, so in order to keep yourself and your business competitive and innovative, you’ll need the best business management tools at your disposal.

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If you’re just getting started as a student, a manufacturing technical school such as PMI will teach you what you need to know through our diploma program. Despite our popular perception that manufacturing jobs are going overseas and that America doesn’t make anything, most products made outside the U.S. are made with manufactured parts made in America. To help you be a part of this profitable industry, Precision Manufacturing Institute offers 4 programs that focus on providing students with the perfect balance of theory and hands-on learning to prepare you for a career as an CNC Operator, CNC Machinist, Electric Arc Welder, or Mechatronics Technology Expert.

But a manufacturing technical school can offer you more than just the basic tools of technical math or print reading. PMI also offers advanced skills in Advanced Metrology, control wiring, OSHA Safety Training, and other key topics. PMI can customize these programs to your specific training needs, and continuing education is often covered by employers through tuition assistance and training reimbursement programs.

And through our PMI Newsletter, we keep you informed of the latest shop talk in the manufacturing business industry. Get the best information on tools you need from local education institutions and businesses and the inside scoop on current projects, or meet industry professionals.
Whether you are starting out on a new career or improving your trade to better serve your company, PMI is the manufacturing technical school for you. Work with groups of dedicated professionals to achieve a common vision, and get real world, as well as classroom, education as you work because the population of trained professionals must grow in order to keep America manufacturing the parts that make the everyday products the world uses.