Interested in Mechatronics?

What are Mechatronics?

Precision Manufacturing Institute is proud to offer expansive programs in engineering that continue to fuel our economy. Providing a degree in Mechatronics is one way we continue to enhance the skill set and earning potential of our PMI students.

PMI | Mechatronics

Obtaining a Mechatronics degree will give you the opportunity to not only focus on machine and product design but also the knowledge to integrate software and control elements. Mechatronics engineers are now part of the entire process of creation allowing for optimal design creation and a financial savings in production.

The Birth of Mechatronics

A combination of mechanical and electronics, it merges all of these elements with those of computer and industrial engineering. Typically the merging of these four components birth what is known as “smart” devices. Creating such a device requires the use of sensors, actuators, and control systems.

The use of highly trained mechatronics engineers normally results in more precise and high performing products. Focusing on manipulation and control of moving constructions there must be a high concentration on accuracy. In addition, a unification of information technology and control engineering is also required. Another fundamental element in the development process involves bringing together modern microelectronics along with software and forming a mechanical and electromechanical system.

Employment Options

The progression of modern society has come to rely heavily on the “smart” device technology in all forms. Due to the increased demand of such technology there are endless job opportunities. Any company that creates, manufactures, and distributes this type of technology provides a career option for a mechatronics engineer. Whether you have an interest in sales, research or development there is a place for you in this field. Below are a few examples of the type of jobs you could pursue after earning your Mechatronics degree.

  • Robot installation and Maintenance
  • Automation Equipment Installation
  • PLC programming
  • Management and maintenance of any HVAC and Computer driven systems

Truly there are no limits on the types of products or industry you can work in; entertainment, automobiles, agriculture, homes, and the medical field all rely on using “smart” device technology in some capacity.