Great CNC Jobs That Are In Demand

CNC Jobs are in Demand!

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines have changed the modern landscape of manufacturing. Instead of creating component parts by hand, which is time-consuming and often inaccurate, CNC machines create parts and products from many kinds of materials using information inputted by a CNC specialist on a computer. The result? An automated system that quickly and accurately produces metal, plastic, wood, or fabric pieces that are used in a hundreds of industries. CNC machines have improved our quality of life and created a safer environment. In fact, many of the things you use every day—from your car to your coffee machine—has been has been manufactured by a CNC machine.


CNC Machinist Duties and Industries
CNC operators must:

  • Understand the manufacturing system
  • Understand blueprints
  • Know how to code a computer by interpreting and editing CNC programming
  • Be able to measure the output and make adjustments if necessary
  • Test new products on the CNC machines to prepare for an automated run
  • Know how to maintain, and in some cases, repair a machine

Some of the many industries that use CNC machines and require CNC operators include:

  • Transportation: for trucks, motorcycles, cars, boats
  • Industrial: for valves, pneumatic, and machines
  • Aerospace and Defense: for cabin and cockpit components, engine and flight control, radio equipment
  • Medical: for equipment and surgical tools

CNC operators can be trained in just 18 weeks, and CNC machinists in 33 weeks. After that, they will be ready to work in a factory or facility, making up to as much as $50,00 annually after several years of experience—and in some parts of the country, as much as $80,000 per year. Skilled production workers are in great demand and jobs will only continue to grow.

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