Considering a Career as a Machinist?

Machinist Careers

If you are looking for an interesting career that offers job security and great earning potential then a Machinist Career may be for you. With a re-surge of manufacturing work in the United States, plus the aging workforce, there is an abundance of job opportunities available to trained precision machinist. Job locations are varied which means you have the option to travel and relocate to another region if that has been part of your dream.


Wondering what being a Machinist entails? – Anywhere from being involved in the design of a part or part of the programming to allow for a smooth run on a machine tool is where a machinist can play a role in the process. Machinist training involves learning how to design parts, recognize which tools to use, and project management. On the job it is important for a machinist to know how to manage and minimize the run time and set-up process in order to increase productivity so it functions at an optimal level.

Machanist Career

Working Environment – Typically, a Machinist will work in a machine shop that manufactures metal parts for the medical, aerospace, military defense, energy, and sporting industries. As the industry has grown so have their shops which are pretty clean, ventilated and well lit. Normally you would work a 40 hour work week and would be on your feet most, if not all, of the time.

As with most jobs in this industry job hours vary but most of the time over time is available. Machinist training is extensive but after earning a degree in this field you can truly determine your own level of success. The opportunities are there for you to pursue. Call PMI today to ask more questions and learn about our Machinist training program.

Welding is for Everyone

Welding Technicians

The U.S. employment rate seems to fluctuate regularly. With no steady increase in sight, now is the time to think outside of the box and consider other career options. The stakes are even higher for women who are still at a disadvantage when it comes to earning potential versus that of their male counter parts. Often, women do not even consider a career in the Industrial field due to it having a male dominated image. Unbeknownst to most people the welding industry has had an influx of female presence. According to the Department of Labor 2014 statics on women in nontraditional occupations it is estimated 4.8% of all welders are women, which is about 615,000 workers. The median weekly earnings are around $733 with the potential to earn more.

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CNC Advantages

The Advantages of CNC Technicians

Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI) is a technical school that is always at the forefront of knowing the latest technologies. We also ensure that are students are equipped to operate, repair, and manage the complexities of these technologies. Computer Numerical Control, also known as CNC machining is one of those featured tools that add value to the manufacturing industry.

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What to Know about Spring Enrollment

Enrolling in the Spring?

For a while now you have been contemplating going back school but the fall semester has come and gone; what now? Contrary to popular belief you can start your educational journey in the spring. Yes, classes for the spring semester do fill up early, but that gives you even more reason to move quickly.
Industrial and Technical schools do offer early registration in both the fall and spring semester.

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Using Welding as a Creative Outlet

Finding a Creative Outlet in Welding

Some people have a misconception that welding is a simple and dry process. This is far from true. Schools like PMI in Meadville, PA show students immediately that welding is a very creative activity. It requires you to think abstractly to solve problems and complete jobs. You can find a creative outlet in welding for several reasons.

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Partnerships with the Precision Manufacturing Institute

Becoming a Partner with PMI

The Precision Manufacturing Institute, a school that is based in Meadville, PA, has always striven for the highest standards from itself and the students that learn there. Students from PMI have had access to some of the greatest opportunities for young people in the area. They have developed close partnerships with community colleges and two year institutions throughout the state.

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What is Arc Welding?

Interested in the Arc Welding Industry?

What is Arc Welding?

Arc welding is a technique in which metals are welded using heat generated by an electric arc. The technique is performed using either direct or alternating current (although direct current is preferred) and uses manual, semiautomatic or fully automated processes. Arc welding is used today for the fabrication of steel structures and vehicles.

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