Women in the Welding Industry

In the field of welding, available jobs tend to exceed the number of qualified people to fill them. In fact, welding ranked among one of the hardest-to-fill jobs in a recent IndustryWeek’s Salary survey. In those participating in the survey, 67 percent of respondents cite a struggle to fill a recent position due to the lack of candidates with the necessary skills, and 78 percent were concerned about their aging workforce.

Welding Training for Females

The industries that most welders are currently employed in consist of manufacturing, wholesale trade, or construction, many of which are evolving and making use of more modern technology, such as robotics, computer programming, and engineering. As the industry continues to incorporate more high-tech functions, the demand for skilled welders will increase significantly, with those highly-trained candidates having the best future job prospects.


In terms of salary, the average salary for a welder is $40,970 as of 2015, while the average administrative assistant makes only $36,500. Welding offers women an opportunity to increase their salary and job prospects in a field that is steady and growing. In terms of education, getting the necessary training to become a welder is significantly less time-consuming as well as less expensive.


Manufacturing jobs such as welding offer a more competitive wage and increased opportunities for those entering the field. Because women currently make up only 24 percent of the manufacturing workforce, there is a good deal opportunity to take advantage of an excellent career opportunity. With the right skills and experience, a woman can find herself in demand, with more choices than before.


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