Which States Pay the Most for CNC Machine Operators.

As some of America’s economy remains embedded in farming and manufacturing, other states are at the forefront of medical advancements, aeronautics and computer technology. As a CNC Machinist, or Operator, you can be a part of it all. Our economy strongly relies on Computer Numerical Control Machinists (CNC) because machinists are responsible for producing mechanical parts and tools made from metals, plastics or other materials.

In an age of machine and computer driven technology, CNC Operators are relied upon more than ever. This month, PMI looks 5 states that pay the most for well-trained CNC Operators.

Mississippi. With a land mass of eleven million acres and the great Mississippi River located nearly smack dab in the middle of the state, Mississippi boasts two booming industries: agriculture and fishing. To maintain chief exports like cotton, soybeans and fish, it takes a significant amount of farming equipment, food processing machinery and commercial fishing vessels to keep Mississippi’s economy at the tops of its game. Due to the demand of the state’s economy, a CNC Machinist in the State of Mississippi can earn an average of $47,000 annually.

New York. If the heat and humidity of the Mississippi summers don’t appeal to you, the State of New York can match Mississippi’s average CNC Machinist salary at $47K. Manufacturing is huge in this state – especially computer products and electronic devices. There are many hospitals and pharmaceutical companies found in New York as well, making the presence of the Healthcare and Social Services industry very well known. From motherboards to medicine, CNC Machinists have quite the opportunity to help create the mechanics behind it all.

Washington, DC: While many identify D.C with politics, industries like trade, transportation, utilities, higher education, health services and manufacturing rule our nation’s capital. With defense contractors, biotechnology and tourism offering a large array of opportunities, Washington D.C and the D.C. Metro Area rely heavily on CNC Machinists to keep the power grids up and running to create machinery to defend our country. If you are considering moving to our nation’s epicenter, you’ll enjoy an average salary of $46,000 annually working as a CNC Operator.

Massachusetts: Though considered the sixth smallest state in the nifty fifty, the Massachusetts footprint includes top-ranked academic institutions, world renown hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies changing the world every day. Manufacturing in this state includes devices for medical laboratories, computer equipment, automation and military communication systems. Industries like maritime, fishing and food processing also make the list of major industries in this tiny 10,555 square foot state. From microchips to the fabrication of steel beams used for bridge and barge construction, CNC Machinists will find plenty of opportunities with an average yearly salary of about $46K.

California: With nearly 164,000 square miles of land in our third largest state, agriculture is a huge part of California’s economy. With millions of acres of melons, almonds, dates and plums supplying the entire U.S. with bountiful harvests each year, there is a large amount of CNC Machinist supply and demand in the agribusiness industry. Not to mention, hundreds of innovative high-tech software companies like Apple and Google call California their home. Let’s also not forget the motion picture industry – think about the mechanics that goes into creating soundstages, TV sets and special effects! And with the recent resurgence of the state’s aerospace industry, there is a growing demand for CNC Machinists in California. You must admit, fabricating the pieces that make up an unmanned aircraft, the latest and greatest in consumer electronic devices or the next box-office sounds pretty appealing. And at $46K a year, it sounds even better.

You’ll learn at PMI that earning your CNC Machinist certificate can take you anywhere! From modern medicine to military defense, none of these things would be possible without the amazing individuals that make up this trade. If you’re thinking about a career in machine operation and production, please call Meadville, PA’s own Precision Manufacturing Institute at 814-333-2415 and ask about becoming a CNC Machinist today!