What is the Work Environment Like for an Electro-Mechanical Technician?

Electro-Mechanical technicians utilize their knowledge of machine-driven technology and electronic circuits to operate, test and maintain automated and robotic equipment.

Depending on the industry you work, a day in the life of an Electro-Mechanical Technician may consist of:

  • Reading blueprints and machine schematics
  • Operating machines for metal fabrication
  • Testing electromechanical devices
  • Repairing and calibrating machinery
  • Testing, operating and maintaining unmanned machines
  • Analyzing, recording and citing test results for documentation

Industries include:

  • EnergyElectro Mechanical Technician Training
  • Communications
  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil drilling
  • Airports

Let’s look at the Shipbuilding and Airport industries in Pennsylvania and why an Electro-Mechanical Technician are needed to keep them up and running.

The Shipbuilding Industry is an industry that encompasses river barges, unmanned military submarines, commercial cruise liners and personal yachts. Think of all the nuts, bolts and automated processes that go into producing and operating large watercrafts.  Using Pennsylvania’s waterways and Erie’s own Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair, let’s take an in-depth look at the Shipbuilding Industry in our home state.

There are 6 major river basins that stretch across Pennsylvania. From Lake Erie to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, these river systems, lakes and streams are used for transporting goods and personal watercrafts.

At Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair, a dry dock bigger than four football fields and it’s 200,000 ft2 production area fabricates and assembles steel parts. From shipbuilding and barge construction to maintenance and repair, many lines of work including Electro-Mechanical Technicians keep the shipyard operating.  Some components in shipbuilding include

  • Air compressors
  • Boilers
  • Support bearings and Universal joints
  • Pipe fittings,
  • Engines and Steam Traps.

There are machines that fabricate fitting, joints and bearings for building while engines and steam traps are used to automatically power watercraft when in operation. Any failure in fastener fabrication or a malfunction of engines and steam traps require skilled Engineers and Technicians to get the shipbuilding process back on track. Time is money and in the Shipping Industry, there is no time to waste.

There are over 90 international airports in the United States with nine commercial airports residing right here in Pennsylvania. Today’s airports have come a long way since the open airfields of the early 20th century, taking up acres of land and relying heavily on mechanics and automation to get you to and from the parking lot to a plane. Let’s take a walk through of the Pittsburgh International Airport and see things set in motion.

If you park onsite, you may opt to walk on a moving walkway to help cut down on time getting to the Landside Terminal. After you check in, you give your baggage to an agent who puts your luggage on a conveyer belt where it will be taken to the airplane. Taking the escalators to the ground level, you hop on the People Mover system which whisks you away to the Airside Terminal. You take a few more escalators and moving walkways to your gate and just before boarding, you notice a moving cart carrying your luggage to the plane. The baggage handlers transfer the bags to the plane via yet another conveyer belt. In a short time, there were eight instances of automation and you didn’t even leave the ground!

All the mechanical equipment and automation you see are there to keep airports streamlined and up and running, 24-7-365. Any sort of mechanical failure could take us back to the 20th century. When there are failures in automation, you can count on an array of Electro-Mechanical Technicians to be on stand-by so you won’t have to be!
Virtually all industries require Electro-Mechanical Technicians, and whether you work in factory, on airport tarmac or in shipyard you are often exposed to the outside elements, high-traffic conditions, mechanical moving parts, high precarious places and noise, but if you like robotics, technology and manufacturing this might be the right field for you! Get a kick start on your Electro-Mechanical Technician career at PMI today! Call us at 814-333-2415.