What is a Technical School?

Technical Schools

For a student just finishing high school there are numerous choices on where to go to further their education and numerous choices for a career path. These choices can be overwhelming. Having a grasp on a possible career path for a student is a great first step when making the choice on a where to go to school after high school. For some, technical school is a great option that will put them on the fast track to a rewarding career. But what is a technical school? And what are the benefits of attending a technical school?

Technical School

Technical schools, unlike traditional colleges or universities, offer degree or certificate programs that can oftentimes be completed in two years or less. Also, the teaching methods are more hands-on and teach students valuable skills of a specific trade. At graduation the skills learned can be transferred into a job immediately.

Technical School

Benefits of Attending a Technical School

The benefits of attending a technical school include:

  • Hands-on training
  • Focused programs
  • Shorter length of time to complete
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Easier admission standards

Career Outlook

The career outlook can vary depending on the type of technical training and/or program. Below is a broad overview of the career outlook for CNC Machinists, welders, and those in the mechatronics technology field.

CNC Machinists:

Careers for machinists are expected to grow by ten percent over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which makes the growth rates faster than average compared to other occupations in the United States. A program as a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machinist will provide career opportunities for students as any of the following: machine operators, machine technicians, machine programmers, CNC machinists, assemblers, and packing operators. A career in any of these areas has a bright outlook and long term career potential.

Employers need machinists with training in the latest technology and those that possess a wide variety of skills. Students completing a program as a CNC Machinist will be exposed to the latest technology and be a step ahead of those without a formal education and/or training in this field. Because there is so much that a machinist can learn and master, the job will continue to offer room for growth. As a machinist, additional skills equate to pay raises and promotions.

Electric Arc Welding:

The fields of manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, construction and technology all need welders for a variety of job tasks. Because welding is a specialized skill that not many possess, there will always be a demand for welders. The welding occupation is expected to grow about 4% over the next ten years. The field of welding has various disciplines and opportunity for growth. Welders also have transferable skills and are able transition to different industries fairly easily.

Mechatronics Technology:

The job outlook is promising for mechatronic engineers, as they require specialized skills that employers seek. The median salary for a mechatronics technician is approximately $53,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Depending on the industry, the salary may vary considerably. For example, the salary for this occupation in the oil and gas industry is approximately 50% higher than the median average in the United States.

Technical schools offer those that are not interested in a four year degree from a college or university the ability to learn the skills of a trade that will be transferrable to the workforce immediately after graduation. The education and experience gained from a technical school differs from that of a university because the education is more straightforward and applicable to real world careers. University educations, while valuable, focus on conceptual learning, while technical schools focus on hands-on learning and experience.

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