The Future is Bright for Machinists

Contrary to popular belief, working in a trade is on the upswing for 2017. As technology continues to advance and we rely more on electronic devices, machines, and automation, industries like manufacturing, medicine and aerospace make today’s Machinist an attractive investment to a modern-day employer.

What Exactly is a CNC Machinist?

A CNC Machinist is certified individual who makes, operates and repairs machines. Many work in machine shops or large manufacturing facilities and require a particular skill-set though many people believe this and other trade jobs are for high-school dropouts.CNC Machinist Pittsburgh

Expert Machinists advise students to take the career path seriously and to get a head start on training as soon as they reach high school. Being a Machinists requires a significant amount of skill in math, computer technology, metalwork and applied physics, all of which are available to high school students. Subsequently this puts you ahead when you enter an industry-driven program.

At an accredited school, you’ll build on your knowledge by working with CNC or Computer Numerical Control technology and many of these programs will offer job-placement assistance in a range of industries including:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Building development
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Farming and food production

What does the future hold?

Per the U.S. Department of Labor, CNC Machinists earned $42,110/yr. or $20.25/hr. in 2015. Industry experts feel the future is bright for Machinists. Employment opportunities are expected to grow 6 % by 2024 and you’ll find a heavy concentration of CNC Mechanists in today’s top industries.

Industry Number employed Average yearly income
Machine Shops 102,710 $40,350
Metalwork/Machine Manufacturing 26,970 $41,270
Engine, Turbine and Transmission Manufacturing 9,680 $46,610