PLC Automation and Robotics at PMI

As the need for automation across many industries grows, so do the opportunities for jobs working in the mechanical and automation industries. PMI is recognizing this growth by offering an Electro-Mechanical Technology program to students who are looking for a career in these and other related industries.

PMI offers hands-on experiences integrated into our comprehensive curriculum to help equip our students with knowledge in industrial systems before they enter the workforce.  Students will graduate the program with the confidence and marketable skills they need to succeed in the automation, mechanical, and robotics industries.

Included in the coursework for the Electro-Mechanical Technology program are the Programmable Logic Controllers course and the Robot Operations and Programming course. Each focuses on the core skills and fundamentals while also offering hands-on lab experiences.

Programmable Logic Controllers Course:

This course focuses on industrial programmable controllers and program writing with a focus on areas, such as:

  • Basic relay logic programming
  • Data manipulation
  • Program control instructions
  • Program editing
  • Program troubleshooting
  • Math instructions

The PLCs are a major component in this training for the automation industry. The PLCs are what run the robotics, giving them instructions on what to do and how to do it. This course has 96 clock hours dedicated to learning the ins and out of programming, program editing, and troubleshooting PLCs because they are a critical portion of automation education.

This course also includes hands-on training in our PLC labs where students will have access to commonly-used manufacturing technology where they can practice what they learn in the classroom and apply it, gaining valuable work training.

Robot Operations and Programming Course:PLC Automation and Robotics

This 32-hour course is designed for a first-time operator, programmer or other individuals helping to teach the basics of operating FANUC robots. This course focuses on areas such as:

  • Safety
  • Operation
  • Programming

This course is composed of hands-on FANUC robotics systems lab experiences and other pertinent devices to help students apply and practice what they are learning with automated equipment. With these lab experiences, students can simulate industry applications and build their work experience while they earn their diploma.

PMI’s Electro-Mechanical Technology program can prepare you for a fulfilling career in the industrial maintenance field. Career opportunities include jobs such as industrial or maintenance technician, maintenance specialist along with careers in the automation and robotics industries. 

With hands-on labs and comprehensive coursework, you can expect to hit the ground running into your career. Call PMI today to learn more about our Electro-Mechanical Technology program.