Meadville- A Hub of Manufacturing in PA

Meadville, located in Crawford County, was once known as the Tool City Capital of the United States. In Crawford County, 20% of employment is in the manufacturing industry with manufacturing representing only 12% of the jobs in the state and only 11% of jobs nationally.

With more tool shops and more manufacturing jobs per capita than any other city in the nation, Meadville continues to serve as a hub of manufacturing jobs and trade education in Pennsylvania.

History of Meadville

Founded in 1788 by David Mead, Meadville is the county seat of Crawford County and was the first permanent settlement in northwest Pennsylvania. By the late 1800s, Meadville’s economy included the industries of agriculture, iron production, and logging. Industrial enterprises continued to develop in Meadville and surrounding cities.

In 1913, Colonel Lewis Walker brought the Automatic Hook and Eye Company of Hoboken to Meadville, becoming a significant leader in the development and manufacture of the zipper and earning Meadville the nickname, Zipper Capital of the World.

The Automatic Hook and Eye Company, later known as Talon, was one of the largest employers in Meadville during the height of World War II, holding 5,219 of the 9,000 industrial jobs. The many small dye shops in Meadville can be credited to the apprenticeship program that Talon provided in the 1950s and ‘60s that trained people to make dies.

As Talon moved out of Meadville, people who had gone through the apprenticeship program branched off and used their experience in precision machining to open their own die shops, helping to grow Meadville’s manufacturing presence across that state and the nation. Among Meadville’s many tool and die shops, they are also home to major manufacturers such as Channellock Tools.

Become Part of the Thriving Manufacturing Industry

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