Make Yourself a CNC Expert Through Training

If you live in the State of Pennsylvania, now is the time to consider a career in machining! In fact, if you live anywhere near the Tri-State area, we’re talking about a chock-full of opportunities in many manufacturing industries including:

  • Natural gas
  • Life-Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Plastics
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism

CNC TechniciansFrom Pittsburgh and Erie, PA, to Cleveland, OH, Charleston, WV and Philadelphia, PA, the opportunities are endless. That’s why PMI is proud to offer a CNC Machinist Program and Industry Training for individuals seeking a career in machining. This August, Precision Manufacturing Institute is spreading the word about the exciting world of machining and the places you could go.

What is a CNC Machinist?

A CNC Machinist is an individual certified in operating and repairing machines, particularly in a machine shop or a larger manufacturing facility. The term CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control technology and it requires skills in metalwork, computer technology and applied physics. Training for a role in machining is one that students take very seriously. After all, as a machinist you are responsible for keeping the automation of everyday, well, automated! Let’s look at all things that are automated in our lives on daily basis,

  • Energy production. Gas, electric, solar and water to name a few.
  • Transportation. Think planes, trains and automobiles.
  • Cell phone towers, land lines and the internet.
  • Banking & ATMs. How did you pay for your gas? Do you have cash for parking?
  • Smart Building & Smart Home automation. Garage doors, elevators, security systems.
  • Broadcasting. Radio, TV and streaming. Oh my!
  • Agriculture. America was built on this industry.
  • Medical technology. From oxygen supplies to robotic medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Every day we rely largely on automation from the minute your alarm wakes you up to the moment your TV’s sleep-timer shuts off for bedtime. And every day, we rely more and more on the CNC Machinist in the world to keep us up and running.

As you train for your CNC Machinist certification, you’ll explore a wide array of skillsets including understanding how to read blue-prints, inspecting equipment, machine production, operation and repair. At PMI, we also provide additional training to industry professionals through customized training courses.

Located less than two hours from Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH and just 45 minutes south of Erie, PA, call and schedule a visit at our Meadville, PA’s training facility and learn more about becoming a CNC Machinist today! Call us at 814-333-2415!