Interested in Becoming a Machinist?

Becoming a Machinist

For those who would love a hands-on career and that are interested in computers and technology, a machinist career might be the perfect fit. Machinists work primarily in a manufacturing environment, such as in a factory or machine shop. Machinists can possess a variety of skills and be responsible for running machines. Computer numerical machines are the types of machines that a machinist would commonly work with. These machines, such as lathes, mills and grinders, allow the user to make precise cuts in metal for the highest quality product.

Machinists also learn about computer aided drafting and programming. They are able to read and interpret blueprints which allows for input into the design process. With the skills that machinists possess, they can typically help design components of a product, choose which machine to most efficiently create the component, and run the machine that creates the component. From start to finish, a machinist is there to offer expert advice and execute proper techniques to help create finished products for a variety of industries. Machine shops can create products for several different industries such as the aerospace industry and the automotive industry.

CNC Machinist

Becoming a Machinist

Those interested in becoming a machinist need specialized training for the best chances of landing a lucrative job opportunity. Learning how to program and run different machines is fundamental. Since machinists not only need to be able to program and run machines, but also to read blueprints, having formal training is a must. There are programs that are designed specifically for those interested in becoming a CNC machinist. The knowledge and skills gained from this type of program will provide the foundation for a career as a machinist. The learning won’t stop at the end of the program though, machinists will need to stay up to date on the latest technology and constantly be enhancing their skills and learning new techniques. This can be done on the job or with continuing education classes.

Job Outlook

As baby boomers retire, more jobs for machinists are becoming available. In addition, manufacturing is slowly shifting back to the United States which offers even more job opportunities. Because of rapidly changing technology, machinists have the ability to enhance their skills and to further their career by learning the new technology. Having a broad range of skills is the best way to be successful in any career, and this is also true in a career as a machinist. A career as a machinist has a bright outlook and long term potential. Careers for machinists are expected to grow by ten percent over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which makes it faster than average compared to other occupations.

Machinists make approximately $40,000 per year, with opportunity for advancement as they expand their knowledge with different machines and techniques. Because there is so much that a machinist can learn and master, the job will never be boring. As a machinist your skill will equate into more money as you become a more valuable and instrumental part of the product creation process.

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