Drydock Shipyard Welding

The welding field offers a wide range of job options in Western, Pa and the surrounding areas. Because welding is a very versatile skill, it can be used across many industries such as manufacturing, construction, and shipbuilding. This versatility allows welders to go wherever the job opportunities are available.

PMI offers an Electric Arc Welding Program that can help prepare you for a career in shipbuilding, carrying out drydock welding. PMI can also assist you with finding a job as a drydock welder after graduation at nearby companies such as Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair in Erie.

What is Drydock Welding?drydock shipyard welding, electric arc welding

Welding is a process where hand-held equipment is used to join two metal parts together. The process of welding also includes cutting metal parts and filling in seams, holes, or indentations. 

In the shipyard, welding plays a very important role in shipbuilding and repair because the quality of the welds will determine the strength of the ship’s structure. One type of welding that is done in a shipyard is called drydock welding.

To better understand this type of welding, it is important to first understand what a dry dock is. A drydock is a narrow basin or vessel that can be flooded with water so that a ship, boat, or other watercraft can be floated in.

Once the ship is inside, this vessel is drained so that the ship can rest on the dry platform. Drydocking a ship allows for construction, maintenance, and repairs to be done, such as welding repairs. The welding that is performed for these repairs or construction, done in the dry dock, is called drydock shipyard welding.

How PMI Can Prepare You for a Career in Drydock Shipyard Welding

Shipyard employers are looking for employees trained in Electric Arc Welding because it is the most common welding technique used in shipbuilding. These employers are also seeking to hire welders with formal training in areas such as blueprint reading and industrial safety. PMI’s Electric Arc Welding program covers these important aspects of training as well as required welding techniques, such as:

  • Shielded Arc Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding

This course is also designed to give you valuable knowledge in aluminum, structural and pipe welding to prepare you for all aspects of shipyard welding. PMI requires students to weld in a number of different positions to prepare them for any welding job they may need to do. This program also includes hands-on training and instruction on a wide range of welding equipment that you will use on the job, such as:

  • Oxy-Acetylene and Plasma Arc cutting systems
  • Metal Working Band Saw
  • Lincoln Precision Tig and Square Wave Machines
  • Lincoln Power MIG machines

This program also provides training for resume writing, employability skills, and interview techniques to give you the skills needed to land your dream job. PMI can help you find career opportunities at companies like Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair where a number of PMI graduates have accepted employment in their shipyard.

PMI’s Electric Arc Welding program will prepare you for the workforce with hands-on experience and detailed curriculum so that you can walk on to the shipyard ready to work. Call PMI today to learn more about our Electric Arc Welding Program.