CNC Operating Safety Tips

Whether you are tinkering around with a small CNC machine in your personal workshop or your operating one professionally at a machine shop, the first rule of thumb is always safety first! CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, are machines that require a trained operator to avoid injury to themselves or those around them. From the hundreds of sharp and hard mechanical parts that make up these instruments to the small bits of dust and debris coming from the substrate being worked, any mishandling of either the machine or substrate could result in a workplace injury. This month, PMI takes a closer look at how to avoid injury by handling a CNC machine properly.

Protective gear. Even though some CNC machines are accompanied vacuum devices to automatically suck in debris, its highly likely shards of metal, wood or plastic could be flying around during use. Always where protective eye-glasses when handling a CNC machine. You should also use hearing protection, be it ear plugs or something more. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss.CNC Machine

Clean up your mess. Keeping a safe workspace means keeping it free and clear of as much debris as possible. Prevent slips and falls by sweeping up any metal scrapings left behind. Cleaning up around your CNC machine promotes a safer workplace thus preventing injury to yourself and others.

Computers are NOT people. While CNC machines can operate independently, you should always be within sight of the mechanical device. We rely heavily on computers and machinery each day, but there is nothing like a human set of eyes and ears keeping a close watch for any malfunctions or listening out for any strange noises. Stay close to your machine at all times.

Proper training. Education in safety and usage of a CNC machine is a must when operating this type of equipment. Here at PMI, we offer a certified CNC Machining training program as well as continued education for professionals. If you’re looking for a career in machining or you’re a machine shop owner who wants their employees to have a refresher course on CNC machine safety, we are here for you!

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