Choosing a Technical School?

Is PMI, Right for You?

There are many technical school options available for those interested in completing a technical school degree. It can be overwhelming task to decide which school is best for you. If you are trying to decide whether attending a technical school is right for you, first you must determine how you prefer to learn and what type of job that you see yourself in.

Should You Attend a Technical School?

Technical schools focus on a specific type of student, one that is interested in entering the job market right after completing their education. Technical schools are considered to be a non-traditional route for students that choose to forego a university education, but still want to have a long term and lucrative career. And for those that wonder if a technical school is the best option for them, the questions below can assist with deciding if your learning style and career aspirations line up with the type of education and skill enhancement that a technical school may offer.

PMI Technical School

  • Do you prefer hands-on learning?
  • Do you want to learn transferrable skills that can be used in a variety of industries?
  • Does the idea of a regular 9 to 5 job not appeal to you?
  • Are you creative and innovative?
  • Do you want to master a trade?

Answering yes to any or all of the following questions is a good indicator that a technical school may be right choice for you.

Which Technical School Should You Choose?

Once you have decided that a technical school is your best option, you then want to decide where to go. Most technical schools offer programs that focus on specific industries and trades such as: manufacturing, healthcare, automotive or information technology.

How Will You Fund Your Education?

Most technical schools still allow students the ability to apply for financial aid. Grants may be available to certain students depending on need and student loans are an option as well. There are other options available to assist with paying for the cost of your education such as scholarships and funding from outside sources. Veterans can also take advantage of VA benefits.

What Skills and Experience Can Be Gained?

Because technical schools focus on hands-on learning and skill building, students will graduate with industry specific skills and experience working with a variety of equipment from equipment that can be found in a machine shop, to welding equipment and computers. Depending on the program focus any and all skills in your chosen career can be learned while attending a technical school. Students gain experience and skills that will immediately be transferrable and applicable in the job market upon graduation.

How Will You Get a Job?

Advisors at most technical schools will offer assistance will job placement and resume building. Because they want you to succeed, the staff and faculty will do their best to not only teach valuable information, but assist in the job placement of graduates. Many schools also team up with local businesses that need qualified candidates for job openings.

Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI) offers programs for those interested in becoming a CNC machinist, an electric arc welder or a mechatronic technician. If you would like more information on how to begin one of these programs, then contact PMI today for more information.