Partnerships with the Precision Manufacturing Institute

Becoming a Partner with PMI

The Precision Manufacturing Institute, a school that is based in Meadville, PA, has always striven for the highest standards from itself and the students that learn there. Students from PMI have had access to some of the greatest opportunities for young people in the area. They have developed close partnerships with community colleges and two year institutions throughout the state.

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What is Arc Welding?

Interested in the Arc Welding Industry?

What is Arc Welding?

Arc welding is a technique in which metals are welded using heat generated by an electric arc. The technique is performed using either direct or alternating current (although direct current is preferred) and uses manual, semiautomatic or fully automated processes. Arc welding is used today for the fabrication of steel structures and vehicles.

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Are They Worth Their Weight

Getting What you can out of it

Manufacturing is a major industry, and many companies in this industry are thriving in the current environment. In major manufacturing companies, many of the employees as well as the executives are handsomely compensated. Some of these are employees who attended a manufacturing technical school receive a competitive salary, and others who have an executive level position receive great benefits like stock options, life insurance, health insurance and more. Because of how well-compensated some of these employees are, it begs the question of if they are worth their weight.

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Made in America?

Get Ahead with Precision Manufacturing Institute

In an uncertain economy, education in manufacturing business and technical skills cannot be overstated. PMI, based out of Meadville, PA, is a manufacturing technical school that offers customized training in manufacturing business skills such as technical theory, machining, CAD/CAM software, mechatronics, welding, safety, and leadership. PMI also offers resources to teach you how to ensure that your employees receive proper on-the-job-training, critical job training grants, support and consulting through the NWIRC, and guaranteed free training through WEDnetPA. Your manufacturing business will grow and develop as you learn more leadership training. The average tenure for a CEO of a manufacturing business is only 4.6 years, so in order to keep yourself and your business competitive and innovative, you’ll need the best business management tools at your disposal.

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Great CNC Jobs That Are In Demand

CNC Jobs are in Demand!

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines have changed the modern landscape of manufacturing. Instead of creating component parts by hand, which is time-consuming and often inaccurate, CNC machines create parts and products from many kinds of materials using information inputted by a CNC specialist on a computer. The result? An automated system that quickly and accurately produces metal, plastic, wood, or fabric pieces that are used in a hundreds of industries. CNC machines have improved our quality of life and created a safer environment. In fact, many of the things you use every day—from your car to your coffee machine—has been has been manufactured by a CNC machine.

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The Benefits of Continuing Education in the Manufacturing Industry

Continuing Your Education in the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s companies in the manufacturing and technical fields face many challenges: an increasingly competitive global economy, rapid changes in technology, and the number of workers equipped with the necessary technical skills to fulfill the requirements in a demanding, ever-changing field.

Manufacturing Industry

Those currently employed in the manufacturing industry must compete with a host of technical school graduates looking for jobs, as well as maintaining the skills necessary to not only ensure success in their current manufacturing or technical jobs, but to advance further in their career.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of continuing education. Many employers are investing in employee development in the form of technical school programs. The advantages of employers investing in continuing education were outlined in a 2010 report by Tim Lohrentz of the National Network of Sector Partners, encompassing two decades of private industry and academic research. The benefits cited were as follows:

  • Increased productivity in current employees
  • Reduced rate of overall absences
  • Increased quality of work and/or service
  • Increased rate of retention
  • Increased ability to take advantage of innovation

As any employer knows, innovation in the manufacturing and technical fields is essential to stay competitive, not only in the American market, but from overseas competition. Fortunately, technical and trade schools have responded to the need for continuing education in the manufacturing industry by providing programs that are designed for those currently employed in the manufacturing and technical industry. These programs are designed to enhance current skill sets as well as keeping workers up-to-date on developing technology in the industry.

Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI), one of Pennsylvania’s leading manufacturing and technical schools, understands the need for continuing education in today’s manufacturing industry and has a wide range of short-term programs designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals currently employed in manufacturing jobs.

PMI strives to provide manufacturing employees with the best possible opportunities to advance their skills, with a wide variety of programs that are designed to meet the needs of any individual in the manufacturing or technical industry. PMI can also customize training programs to meet the specific needs of individuals working in manufacturing. Day and evening classes are offered to make it more convenient to pursue a continuing education and stay current in today’s competitive marketplace.

Taking advantage of a continuing education in the manufacturing and technical industry provides many benefits to both employees and employers. Many employers offer tuition assistance or training reimbursement programs, depending on your place of employment, pursuing the subject of continuing education with your current employer will provide many long-term benefits to both employer and employee.

Contact PMI today for more information on their continuing education programs in manufacturing for a tour of their facility, or to learn more about the courses they offer and how they can benefit you.

US Welder Shortage Provides PA Technical Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

CNN Money addressed the unemployment issue in the US with their “10 Hard To Fill Jobs” list, citing career fields which are still struggling to find qualified individuals with limited prospects. #8 on the list of the jobs listed was welding, with the report citing, “One of the greatest skills gap exists for specialized positions such as machinists and technicians, according to a report by the Manufacturing Institute. And the shortage is expected to become even more pronounced in the years to come.”

Welding Program

Job prospects are limited to today’s college graduates, and the right education means a successful career. Attending a technical school with a good welding program can give you the edge on today’s job market. Because the manufacturing industry is gaining momentum in the United States, careers in manufacturing, including welding, can insure a technical school graduate the best chance of success in today’s marketplace.

Choosing the right technical school with a strong welding program is important to success in the manufacturing job industry. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a technical school must be licensed and accredited, two very important features that show that a technical school is up-to-date and current with the necessary programs that will ensure proper welding training and techniques.

Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI) has always been on the cutting-edge of manufacturing education, tailoring their programs to meet the needs of students who are looking to pursue a career in various manufacturing fields such as Electric Arc Welding, CNC Operating, CNC Machinist and Mechatronics Technology. PMI understands the current trends in today’s manufacturing industries, and strives to prepare students for success in the field.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities are essential in any welding career. With a shortage of jobs and companies hungry for properly-trained welders, PMI provides superior instruction in theories and hands-on application to ensure that students acquire the technical skills and the knowledge that is necessary to pursue a career in welding. PMI understands what it takes to succeed in a welding career and strives to ensure that their students are properly prepared for the current welding needs in today’s job market.

Most importantly, PMI is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, a recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education. PMI works in conjunction with community agencies, manufacturing support organizations, education and training providers, and other entities whose efforts strengthen the manufacturing industry and foster its growth.

Contact Precision Manufacturing Institute today to schedule a FREE tour, where you can start the process of beginning a career in welding!

Manufacturing Jobs Provide Good Prospects For Technical School Graduates

Manufacturing Jobs for Graduates

While unemployment rates continue to be a concern across the nation, Pennsylvania manufacturing school graduates appear to have no reason to worry. Recent unemployment statistics released by Pennsylvania’ Department of Labor and Industry have the state’s unemployment rate down to 6.2 percent, the lowest level in the state since November 2008, and below the national rate of 6.7 percent.

Manufacturing Job

While the future remains uncertain in many different job markets, one thing is clear: technical and manufacturing schools have the edge when it comes to preparing students for today’s job market. A manufacturing degree gives graduates an edge in Pennsylvania’s growing energy market, with a projected 926 manufacturing jobs by 2020 predicted in the report released by the United States Conference of Mayors. (USCM)

The recent Marcellus Shale boom in Pennsylvania has created a demand for workers in the steel, iron, fabricated metals and machinery manufacturing industries. To keep up with the demand, Technical Schools have adapted their curriculum to prepare students for a career, with such programs such as welding, arc welding, and other degrees to offer good job prospects once acheiving a manufacturing degree.

Precision Manufactuting Institute (PMI), is one of the leading manufacturing schools in Pennsylvania, licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Catering to the needs of students looking to achieve career success in today’s booming manufacturing market, Precision Manufactuting Insitute seeks to provide students with the right skill set to succeed in manufacturing careers.

Precision Manufacturing Institute’s offers programs that are focused on training students with the superior training in theory and hands-on applications that are needed to acquire the technical skills and knowledge that are essential for a career in a specific manufacturing field. PMI also offers a number of individual courses as well as customized training for those currently employed in the manufacturing industry but are looking to advance their technical knowledge and skills. Programs offered include:

  • Mechatronics Technology
  • Electric Arc Welding
  • CNC Machinist
  • CNC Operator

Precision Manufacturing Institute understands what it takes to compete in today’s manufacturing job market, and works with students, as well as employers, to fully prepare them for the many aspects of a manufacturing career. In today’s manufacturing job market, it is important to choose the right school that has the resources that you need to compete as well as succeed.

Today’s manufacturing industries are seeking individuals who possess the right knowledge, skills and abilities in the field. PMI can help you advance your career in manufacturing the right courses specifically designed for today’s manufacturing jobs.

For more information on how PMI can help prepare you for a career in the manufacturing industry, contact them today to take a tour of their unique training facility and see how their expertise can help you to have a successful manufacturing career.

Manufacturing Jobs: Important for the American Economy

Manufacturing Jobs in the American Economy

Once, a manufacturing job meant low wages, poor benefits, and a dirty shop floor. Now, nothing could be further from the truth.

Manufacturing Job

America is investing in manufacturing jobs, and why shouldn’t it? These jobs provide excellent pay and benefits—plus the opportunity to grow a career that will include opportunities in industries that are important for our economy.

The skills that are needed for manufacturing jobs are no longer learned through only through apprenticeships (although these are still very important). In-depth classes are required, as are certifications to ensure that our manufacturing workforce is ready to take on the challenges of a more technical society. In fact, many workers have at least a two-year degree from a technical school, which makes them highly sought after by employers.

Where Manufacturing Jobs Are Needed

  • Energy Sector: Electrical, nuclear, and natural gas and oil companies are always searching for qualified workers who can fill positions to work in highly technical areas. There is a concentrated effort among many in the United States to end our country’s dependence on foreign oil, and as we continue to map out new energy sources, there are also tens of thousands of jobs available in this field. These workers must have the skills to operate and maintain expensive machinery. Additionally, computers are now a major part of the manufacturing industry and qualified workers are needed who understand how to program, maintain, and use them.
  • Aerospace: In a highly regulated industry like aerospace, companies are seeking skilled workers to produce airplane parts for both commercial companies and the military. These jobs employ computers that use 3D graphics to show parts that are then created by workers with computer, machining, and wielding knowledge. Since these parts must be produced to the millimeter to ensure proper usage, this is a highly technical—and important—skillset.
  • Automobile and More: Of course, Detroit has been the center of automobile production in our country for a long time. However, not too far away is another Michigan area that’s known as “automation alley.” It concentrates on highly technical processes to produce vehicle and other parts. This area is also becoming popular for those with manufacturing experience in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) areas.

Manufacturing jobs are one of the “new” career paths that require certified, experienced workers. If you’re interested in building a new skillset or increasing your knowledge in the manufacturing industry, contact PMI today. We train workers for every manufacturing business.