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CNC Machinist Training

CNC Machinists

CNC machinists wear many hats. While their primary role is to facilitate in the operation and setup of computer numerical machines, their work can also evolve from that of a machine operator to more mechanical roles that resemble that of a mechanic, a fabricator, and a quality control inspector. CNC machinists work in facilities that produce parts made of metal, plastic or other materials. Those parts are then used to create a large, more complex finished product. Depending on the facility where the machinist is employed, they may work only on specific parts or they may be involved in the full product production. Work as a CNC machinist is fast paced and requires workers to be agile and adept to problem solving on a daily basis.

CNC Machinist Training

CNC Machinist Training


Training as a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machinist offers a variety of career paths such as:

  • Machine Tool Operator
  • Apprentice Machinist
  • CNC Machinist
  • Maintenance Machinist
  • CNC Programmer

The CNC training program at PMI gives newly graduated students the skills and ability to be employed, earning a competitive salary right after graduation. Machine shops and manufacturing facilities are seeking talented, well-training employees to fill their open positions. With Pittsburgh being the home to several large manufacturing firms, employment options for students are plentiful. For those that are interested in a technical based, hands on career, becoming a CNC machinist fits the bill.

CNC Machinist training allows you to:

  • Maintain and operate various CNC machines
  • Perform job set-ups
  • Inspect equipment
  • Program machines

What you can expect while training for your career:

You will be trained by experts with years of experience in the machinist field. You will be able to ask questions and get a feel for what work will be like after graduation. Your instructors will not only teach you the information that you need to know to be successful, but they will also act as your mentors guiding you throughout your training and assisting you in choosing the best industry to work in.

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