Fun Facts About Welding

Believe it or not, welding dates back to 4000 B.C. when the Egyptians began hammering copper and bronze into swords. During the Middle Ages, blacksmiths were forging fences, gates, farming equipment, and armor, and by the Industrial Revolution the world saw the development of the railroads, steam engine, airplane, automobile, assembly line and skyscraper. Cities expanded upwards, travel stretched across continents and space and the manufacturing world was made into what it is today.

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CNC Training Tips

Training Tips from PMI

For those that are interested in a career as a CNC machinist it is important to know that training doesn’t end after you have completed your CNC degree program. The CNC machinist role is one in which learning will continue throughout your career with new advancements in technology and new techniques being used.

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What is the Difference Between an Industrial Electrician and Commercial Electrician?

Industrial Electrician vs. Commercial Electrician

While the titles “industrial electrician” and “commercial electrician” may sound strikingly similar, they are actually very different specializations. These distinctions require different training and take place in different environments. The foundation of their skill set might be in basic electrical knowledge, but the application of their extended training is what truly defines the two.

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Tips for the Manufacturing Field

Manufacturing Field

Every company wants dedicated, hardworking individuals working for them. With competition at an all-time high, companies have to be more creative than ever in their effort to attract and recruit top talent. While pay and benefits are important when looking to attract workers, those are not the only incentives that job seekers are looking for. For employers in the manufacturing field, offering additional incentives can help attract and retain a desirable workforce, especially when targeting millennials.

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Does Your Company Really Know Welding?

As a Welding Company.. What do you Know?

While many understand the premise of welding, few are experts that understand the field enough to be able to identify whether their welding operations are being run efficiently and effectively enough. Many companies that employ welders may not be running their businesses as efficiently or effectively as possible. If you’d like to know if your company really knows welding, take a look at the following questions to gauge whether your company really knows welding.

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Women in Welding

Women in the Welding Field

Men dominate the welding profession. In fact, less than 5% of welders are women. This is because historically the majority of blue collar jobs are dominated by men. Shifts in many professions and industries are happening slowly, but are happening today, including shifts in the number of women that work as welders.

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Choosing a Technical School?

Is PMI, Right for You?

There are many technical school options available for those interested in completing a technical school degree. It can be overwhelming task to decide which school is best for you. If you are trying to decide whether attending a technical school is right for you, first you must determine how you prefer to learn and what type of job that you see yourself in.

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What is a Technical School?

Technical Schools

For a student just finishing high school there are numerous choices on where to go to further their education and numerous choices for a career path. These choices can be overwhelming. Having a grasp on a possible career path for a student is a great first step when making the choice on a where to go to school after high school. For some, technical school is a great option that will put them on the fast track to a rewarding career. But what is a technical school? And what are the benefits of attending a technical school?

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What Do You Know About Welding?

Welding Career

Welding is fairly diverse field with multiple routes for those interested in pursuing a career as a welder. There are several different types of welding techniques, as well as many different industries where your welding skills could be used. If you have been thinking about welding as a career choice, it is important to understand what a career as a welder may look like.

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