Fun Facts About Welding

Believe it or not, welding dates back to 4000 B.C. when the Egyptians began hammering copper and bronze into swords. During the Middle Ages, blacksmiths were forging fences, gates, farming equipment, and armor, and by the Industrial Revolution the world saw the development of the railroads, steam engine, airplane, automobile, assembly line and skyscraper. Cities expanded upwards, travel stretched across continents and space and the manufacturing world was made into what it is today.

The rest they say, is history. But, why the history lesson?

Because the welding industry has been booming for over 6000 years and shows no signs of slowing down! In today’s modern world, careers in arc welding are taking men and women to places they never dreamed.Welding Training Western PA

There are over 4,000 welds in the average automobile and NASCAR stock cars are far from your family sedan. These super charged cars are handmade from sheet metal and metal tube framing. They need to be light for speed, yet tough enough to withstand a 200mph crash and chances are, one day the steel cage that holds the driver may save his or her life. Help Wanted: Welder needed!

Amusement parks have been around for over 100 years and have relied on welders, maintenance technicians and mechanics to fabricate and maintain the steel coasters and theme park rides we cherish and love. We are able to fly through the skies, speed down the track and interact with robots thanks to dedicated welders helping us make memories every year.

Today’s film industry can create movie sets, full-scale models and customized props people 100 years ago would have never imagined. Remember the blockbuster hit Titanic ? The set of this movie was so big they had to build one around it! Using the original ship builder’s blueprints, welders and sheet metal fabricators built a full-scale ship inside a 17 million gallon horizon water tank as well an exact replica of the ship’s interior, circa 1914. Holy cow Batman!

Love the open water? Love to dive? Armed Forces Veteran? Underwater welding is a career that will take you to places and depths you never thought possible. From fishing boat manufacturing, to deep sea exploration and offshore oil platforms, underwater welders are an absolute global necessity and a perfect career path for a veteran of the US Navy.

Doctors and scientists stand at the forefront of the medical word, but behind the scenes are the committed men and woman who manufacture and engineer medical devices we so greatly rely on. From laser technology and d
efibrillators to MRI, CT, X-Ray machines and air-tight operating rooms, many people helped build those lifesaving devices. Did you know that some of them were welders?


The state of Pennsylvania boasts the most welding job opportunities among all of states west of the Mississippi River and ranks #3 overall in the United States. For an exciting career in Arc Welding, call PMI Today! 814-333-2415.